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Last week I discussed the New Evangelization, the call by the bishops that Catholic lay people should be evangelized about the faith, and then go and spread the faith to others. Catholics are frightened by the idea of talking about religion, mostly because we have no idea what to say. ďIím not a trained theologian,Ē we exclaim, ďOnly professionals should evangelizeóyou know, the priests and nuns.Ē

Itís nice to be a trained theologian, I suppose. But the fact is, teaching complex theology is not how the faith is communicated to others. The best form of evangelization is personal testimony. We donít have to tell Godís story; we have to tell OUR story, the story of how faith in God changed our lives for the better. (Continued...)

My first job out of college was as a supervisor in a production facility. All the male supervisors had to wear neckties, something I found quite uncomfortable, having spent the previous four years wearing only gray tee shirts and jeans. And since I rarely got around to visiting the campus Laundromat ó possibly because I was drunk most of the time ó it mightíve been the SAME gray tee shirt and jeans all four years.

Now that Iíve worn neckties fairly regularly for the last three-and-a-half decades, I still long for the days when the main focus of clothing was comfort rather than trying to impress others or conform to some bizarre socio-corporate caste system. (Youíll be happy to know Iím now sober and Iíve learned the importance of running the washing machine once in a while.) (Continued...)

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