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The largest religious denomination in the United States is the Roman Catholic Church. However, the second largest religious group in the country is comprised of people who describe themselves as “former Catholics.” Here in the most modern and prosperous nation in the world, Catholicism has experienced a significant decline in the last half-century. The question is: why has the Church experienced this decline?

David Carlin, a professor of sociology and philosophy in Rhode Island, has an interesting view. First he explains that “Christianity is a salvation religion, and what it offers to save us from is sin….The premise upon which all this is grounded is, of course, that we humans are sinners—very serious sinners.” (Continued...)

This is my annual “Where did the time go?” rant. And if it seems to you my previous annual rant occurred only four months ago, then you get it. You understand my main complaint is the fact the passage of time has accelerated.

Labor Day has already come and gone. Can you believe it? The summer is over. That’s right, the summer that just started is over. To me, it feels like June 1st was about three weeks ago; in reality, it was three months ago. That’s what I mean by “time has accelerated.” Something weird is going on here and I don’t like it. (Continued...)

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