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In the decades before Vatican II, the conventional wisdom was that only Catholics could go to Heaven. Non-believers, and even members of other Christian denominations, were destined for Hell because they rejected Jesus’ one, true Church.

But even if someone was a Catholic, it wasn’t easy to get to Heaven. The requirements included: never missing Sunday Mass; not eating or drinking anything since midnight before Mass; wearing your Sunday best to church; no meat on Friday; donating money to the parish; saying your prayers every day, including lots of Rosaries and Novenas; never having your plaid skirt above your knees if you’re a girl; and never having a single impure thought if you’re a boy, even if you’re 16 years old and the head cheerleader sat in front of you in English class and she’s the prettiest thing you ever saw.   (Continued...)

If you haven’t visited Torrington’s Main Street Market Place yet this summer, what are you waiting for? Every Thursday evening during July and August, downtown Torrington is transformed into a street festival, as thousands of folks gather on Main Street to enjoy, well, everything. There’s a lot to enjoy: food and music and jugglers and food and arts and crafts and food and vendors and face-painting and food and clothing and jewelry and, if I haven’t mentioned it yet, food.

All the vendors do a great job of displaying their products and services — especially the food vendors. So if you need anything from hot tubs to hot dogs, earrings to onion rings, slacks to snacks, then the MSMP (as we call it around here) is the place to be.  (Continued...)

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